BBQ Bay Grilling Company

The BBQ Bay Grilling Company makes your seafood experience both simple and enjoyable. Our grilling shrimp have been hand cut and are ready for the grill. Currently we produce two varieties of our grilling shrimp. The first is freshwater shrimp imported from Bangladesh. These farm raised shrimp are raised in ponds where the water feeds through the crisp cold mountain peaks of the Himalaya Mountains.

Our second variety is wild caught domestic shrimp which are harvested in the Gulf of Mexico here in the United States. Both of these high quality premium shrimp are perfect for family BBQ's, tailgate parties, or dinner at home. You can be assured whatever the event, when you serve BBQ Bay Grilling shrimp it will be an eating experience to remember! Check with your local grocery store or contact our office using the contact tab at the top of this page to find these products at a store near you.

All Sizes Available in 2 lb. Retail Bags

6/8 count per lb
13/15 count per lb
21/25 count per lb

8/12 count per lb
16/20 count per lb