BBQ Bay Grilling Company

The BBQ Bay Grilling Company makes your seafood experience both simple and enjoyable. Our grilling shrimp have been hand cut and are ready for the grill. Currently we produce two varieties of our grilling shrimp. The first is freshwater shrimp imported from Bangladesh. These farm raised shrimp are raised in ponds where the water feeds through the crisp cold mountain peaks of the Himalaya Mountains.

Our second variety is wild caught domestic shrimp which are harvested in the Gulf of Mexico here in the United States. Both of these high quality premium shrimp are perfect for family BBQ's, tailgate parties, or dinner at home. You can be assured whatever the event, when you serve BBQ Bay Grilling shrimp it will be an eating experience to remember! Check with your local grocery store or contact our office using the contact tab at the top of this page to find these products at a store near you.

All Sizes Available in 2 lb. Retail Bags

6/8 count per lb
13/15 count per lb
21/25 count per lb

8/12 count per lb
16/20 count per lb

Icy Oceans Seafood Company

Our Icy Ocean brand brings the entire seafood market to your kitchen table. All of our product packaging feature great recipes along with multiple, easy to follow cooking directions for each. Check out this website for entertaining videos showing step by step cooking instructions. For a quick link to the videos simply scan the QR code located on the package you have purchased, and it will take you directly to the link for that item's video.

Icy Ocean Brand Products

Offering the highest quality products from around the world our Icy Ocean brand brings the entire seafood market to your kitchen table. Whether purchasing one of our succulent shrimp, mouth watering crabmeat, or any one of our other Icy Ocean seafood varieties, you will be serving the finest seafood available from one of the most respected seafood importers in the marketplace.


Our Icy Ocean retail fish fillet line consists of "Value Pack" fish fillets that are both great tasting and easy on your wallet. Whether purchasing our succulent tilapia fillets, mouth watering cod fillets, or any one of other six varieties of fillets, you will be serving the finest fish fillets available.


Our Icy Ocean shrimp line consist of cooked shrimp, raw E-Z peel shrimp, salad shrimp, Argentine Pink shrimp, and EZ Peel freshwater shrimp. Our seafood company offers the highest quality products from seven countries around the world, including domestic shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico here in the United States. We assure you that all of our Icy Ocean shrimp provide the highest restaurant quality which will surely please your guest.


Our Icy Ocean Pasteurized Crabmeat is a true seafood delight! Whether you are using it as the main ingredient for your favorite recipe or presenting it simply chilled with lemon and a bit of cocktail sauce, it with surely be a crowd pleaser. Choose from our Colossal, Jumbo Lump, Jumbo, Lump, Special, or Claw Crabmeat varieties.


Icy Ocean cleaned Calamari is for the true seafood enthusiast. When breaded and fried, calamari is already a popular restaurant appetizer. Now you can use our bright white and fully cleaned Icy Ocean calamari as part of your favorite homemade seafood recipe. Sure to be a true delight!