Red King Crab

Direct Source Seafood Red King Crab comes from the cold, clean waters of the Russian Far East.

  • Our Red King Crab are impressively commanding in size and weight, making them among the most sought after in the market.
  • The Red King Crab is a variety of the largest and most valued species of crab in the world.
  • Processed Red King Crab legs and claws are available in 20 lb and 10 lb cases.

Available sizes are:

6/9 9/12 12/14 14/17 16/20 20/24 20/UP

Brazilian Lobster Tails

  • Wild caught Brazilian Lobster Tails
  • Individually wrapped
  • Superior quality and consistency
  • Locked in pricing programs available
  • Consistent size range
  • Great holiday item
  • Available in 10 lb. and 40 lb. cases


At Direct Source Seafood we directly import shrimp from seven countries around the world including purchasing shrimp from right here in the United States. We believe that our shrimp must always be the highest restaurant quality shrimp in the marketplace. We specialize in retail private label shrimp programs along with multiple food service private label programs.

Along with our private label programs we are very proud of our own brands of shrimp which include our "BBQ Bay Brand" and "Icy Ocean Brand". Be sure to be on the lookout at your nearest retailer for one if these popular brands.

Countries we purchase from:

  • United States
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Argentina

Varieties available:

  • White Raw EZ Peel
  • White Cooked Tail on
  • White Raw Blocks
  • White IQF Headless
  • Black Tiger EZ Peel
  • Black Tiger Cooked
  • Black Tiger Blocks
  • Freshwater BBQ Bay Deep Cut
  • EZ Peel Freshwater
  • Argentine Pinks